Givsly x SuitUp Summer Boot Camp

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Welcome to our Givsly x SuitUp Summer Boot Camps! We have over 15 different corporate sponsors supporting 2,500 students this summer. Through these boot camps, students (10-18 years old) experience solving a realistic corporate challenge facing the media industry, such as designing a new product and marketing campaign for Nike. They have the opportunity to interact with corporate volunteers who coach them on marketing, design, financing, and strategy as well as professional “soft skills”, before helping them pitch virtually to judges for a cash prize. By the end of the experience, students can see the corporate world as part of “their world” and know that job titles, such as CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, etc. are now in their grasp.

Our programs are Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays each week and run from July 12th - August 9th. Below, you'll find each competition week. We can't wait for you to meet our kids and change their life trajectory! 

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-Dentsu Media

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-Index Exchange




-Vistar Media

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